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WISCONSIN: Constitutional Carry Introduced

Monday, March 27, 2017

Major Upgrade to Concealed Carry in Wisconsin Introduced

Thanks to your hard work as a WGO activist and a veritable flood of pro-gun petitions hitting the legislature last week, a Constitutional Carry bill was introduced today in Madison.

State Sen. Dave Craig (R-Big Bend) and State Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) introduced the draft bill, which is being circulated for co-sponsors and already has 39 cosigners.

This absolutely vital upgrade to Wisconsin's concealed weapons law would bring the Badger State in line with 12 other states in which no permit, background check, license fees (gun tax) or other bureaucratic approval is required to carry concealed.

While scoffers will vilify the legislation as "letting anyone and everyone carry a gun," the fact is that bearing arms IS an inalienable right and should not be permitted by the government.

Can you imagine the outrage by liberals if the government attempted to license free speech? Or freedom of religion?

What the Bill Would NOT Do

Known as Constitutional Carry, the bill would not allow felons to possess or carry guns. It would not allow children to carry "machine guns" around ... and it would not lead to the Shootout at the O.K. Corral, as anti-gun activists always like to claim.

The bill will NOT repeal Wisconsin's current concealed carry license system, either, which is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. That system would remain in place as an option for those who still want to get a permit for purposes of reciprocity with other states. WGO applauds this move.

What the Bill WOULD Do

The current draft LRB2039/1 would right a wrong that was committed back in 1871, in which Wisconsin lawmakers prohibited concealed carry – an outright gun ban that lasted over 130 years and has led to countless victims disarmed and unable to defend themselves in this state.

The bill would simply treat bearing arms as the right it is, rather than a state-granted privilege.

It means no more "Big Brother may I please?" permit process for in-state carry.

Now, you and I know the establishment in Madison is going to fight this bill with every conceivable misrepresentation they can imagine.

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